[thelist] ASP: changing response.redirect headers

Scott Dexter sgd at ti3.com
Tue Oct 22 14:25:01 CDT 2002

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> From: Chris Blessing [mailto:webguy at mail.rit.edu]
> I believe you need to look into Server.Transfer (rather than
> response.redirect).  It's an ASP 3.0 feature.  Good luck!
> > According to MS's website:
> >
> > "The Redirect method sends the following explicit header,
> where URL is
> > the value passed to the method, as shown in the following code:
> >
> > HTTP 1.0 302 Object Moved
> > Location URL"
> >
> > I want to do a server-side redirect using the 307 (or possibly 301)
> > header.  Is this possible, and how?

Server.Transfer doesn't send a redirect header to the browser. Instead
it hands over context (Request collection, POST data and everything) to
the ASP page you specify without sending anything back to the browser. A
(nice) feature added to IIS 5 (Win2k). Unfortunately, you can't install
IIS5 on a Windows NT server.

Tab, if you're dead set on it, I think you're reduced to writing an
IISAPI dll that sits in the stream between the browser and ASP
processing, and convert 302's to 307's on the fly...

(I think)

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