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Maxwell Kanat-Alexander maxka at cats.ucsc.edu
Tue Oct 22 18:31:00 CDT 2002

>Benjer wrote:
>>Ok, I know everyone hates HTML emails, but there is always a marketing
>>department that requests it, hence my question.

         1) I don't really hate HTML emails. I only would if I was using a
console email program. :-D

         2) Here's what you do:
                 a) Find out which email programs will render CSS and HTML
                 b) On the page where people sign up for your email, they
can choose between Plain Text and HTML.
                 c) Next to the "HTML" choice, put a "supported email
client" list.
                         or alternately:
                 c) Instead of "HTML/Plain Text" radio buttons, have a
<select> that has a list of email clients and have people choose one of
them. Don't forget to include the major web-based clients. Then, have a
hash or array or something that relates whether or not that client should
get text or HTML email.


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