[thelist] NN4.7 CSS woes

Gregory Wostrel gwostrel at mac.com
Tue Oct 22 21:04:01 CDT 2002


Thanks again. I plugged in a width and a background and it is fine. As
for the coding, nitpicking is OK with me. The details are important.
This sort of thing is what I get for using WYSIWIG. GoLive 6 will
rather neatly convert the page to XHTML. However, it puts in the wrong
doctype and any changes to the page are not done as XHTML but HTML4. So
after any changes I have to do the conversion again to catch all the
<br> and <img> tags that are not closed and so on. It is a bit of an
improvement over GL5 but not as much as I would hope.

Thanks again for the help. I still can't get that page with the
overlapping graphic to work. Really a pain in the **s.
(http://www.gwcreative.com/working/weekapaug/history.html ) Time to
call it a day, I think.

Greg Wostrel

On Tuesday, October 22, 2002, at 05:17  PM, sasha wrote:

> Have you tried defining a width on the sidebar class?
> I stuck in width: 150px and it behaved fine in NS
> 4.79.  Though, you might want to rethink using the
> background: transparent part of that class, since it
> looks black in NS.  Though, maybe you have a specific
> reason why you couldn't just define it as white or not
> at all.
> Not to nitpick, but your doctype says XHTML 1.0, but
> your coding looks more like HTML 4.01 Transitional.

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