[thelist] Re: DSL vs. Cable

William Kolean williamkolean at nyc.rr.com
Tue Oct 22 21:40:01 CDT 2002

I had Verizon DSL in NYC and like you I wasn't getting very good speeds -
plus I hated using PPPoE instead of an ethernet connection. I went with DSL
because supposedly you get a dedicated connection whereas cable is pooled,
but now I hear that sometimes DSL is pooled as well, and after my experience
with Verizon, I believe it.

I switched to TWC's RoadRunner and it's a million times better: ethernet
connection instead of PPPoE, 230k download speeds, and even though they
don't support using a router, they don't discourage it either.

The only downside if that they eventually plan on charging customers more
for using a lot of bandwidth. But they're still better than Verizon.

It took Verizon 4 months to finally shut off my DSL after I canceled, and
they billed me the entire time, so be prepared for some hassle if you do
decide to switch.


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> Has anyone here been on DSL and made the switch to Cable Modem?
> Specifically, Verizon DSL -> RoadRunner, and more specifically, in NYC,
> but any general experiences would also be of interest. I'm having
> constant problems with Verizon DSL and getting nowhere near the speeds
> I'm supposed to, but I'm wondering if RoadRunner will be any better.
> tia,
> .matt

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