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Just a forwarded note for you that aren't on the www-html list.

Please do not respond to me or the entire receiver list on this message.

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>  -=====================================================================-
>  |                        Public Beta Test of The                      |
>  |                     W3C MarkUp Validation Service                   |
>  -=====================================================================-
>After about a year of saying "Real Soon Now[tm]", a new version of the
>W3C MarkUp Validation Service is now available for testing.
>                     <URL:http://validator.w3.org:8001/>
>This is a public beta test of the new version before it is released in
>production. This implies that the code is _not_ ready for use in a
>production environment. If you are making a "Mission Critical" use of the
>validator you should not rely on this beta version. On a more general
>note, please remember that the Markup validator software and service are
>provided as is and with no warranty.
>There is no fixed schedule for the final release of this new version, but
>we sincerely hope to get it out the door before the end of the year; much
>sooner if we can manage it. Depending on the amount and nature of the
>feedback we recieve the release may be dubbed "Final Release" in a matter
>of weeks!
>We are looking for feedback on all aspects of the MarkUp Validator, but we
>are in particular interested to hear from people who experience problem
>with the new version that do not exist in the current stable release. Other
>specific areas we are particularly interested in feedback on include:
>     * Problems with the current stable release that are fixed in
>       the new version.
>     * The new website and user interface.
>     * Any and all problems related to the Accessibility of the web
>       interface and website[0].
>     * The documentation (Yes, Virginia, there really _is_ documentation
>       for the MarkUp Validator!).
>     * Missing features[1] etc.
>But don't let that hold you back! We are looking for any and all feedback
>-- good or bad! -- for all aspects of the service. Don't hesitate to drop
>us a note no matter how little the issue. In particular, don't assume
>something is so obvious that we're surely aware of it! Send it in anyways.
>C O N T A C T:
>     The main contact point for feedback on the W3C MarkUp Validation
>     Service is the publically archived mailinglist <www-validator at w3.org>.
>     You can subscribe to this list by sending a message to
>         <www-validator-request at w3.org>
>     with the word "subscribe" in the Subject field. To view the archives of
>     this list you can visit
>         <URL:http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-validator/>.
>     Several of the developers also frequent the IRC channel #validator
>     on OPN (irc.openprojects.net).
>W H A T ' S  N E W
>     The majority of changes in this new version are either bug fixes or
>     internal restructuring to facilitate future development. Significant
>     changes include:
>     * Valid Result Pages now show more human readable results and less
>       technical detail. This behaviour may be changed if significant
>       negative feedback surfaces (so don't forget to send us feedback!).
>     * Character Encoding issues are more fully handled and the majority of
>       the Character Encoding related code has been rewritten. This should
>       mean better and more robust handling of Character Encodings --
>       particularly for non-US/European Encodings -- but is also stricter
>       with sloppy encoding declarations and malformed encoded documents
>       (Windows-1252 users take note!).
>     * Source Code is now always displayed if a page contains errors.
>     * More error message now have explanations, and the explanations have
>       been improved. We are still looking for contributions of more
>       explanations and improvements of the existing explanations.
>     * Many more Document Types are supported, and many DTDs have been
>       updated to more recent versions.
>     * An ecclectinc assortment of minor tweaks and changes that have
>       accumulated over the past year; too numerous and finicky to be
>       mentioned. :-)
>C R E D I T S
>     The W3C MarkUp Validator was created by Gerald Oskoboiny and is
>     now maintained by members of the W3C QA Activity Team and external
>     collaborators. The W3C Team Contacts for the W3C MarkUp Validator
>     are Olivier Thereaux <ot at w3.org> and Dominique Hazaël-Massieux
>     <dom at w3.org>. Much of the i18n code was written from scratch by
>     Martin Dürst <duerst at w3.org>.
>     Significant external contributions were made by many, including:
>       * Aaron Swartz      * Jim Ley         * Nick Kew
>       * Christian Smith   * Karl Dubost     * Olivier Thereaux
>       * Dan Connolly      * Liam Quinn      * Sean Palmer
>       * Hugo Haas         * Martin Dürst    * Ville Skyttä
>     In addition, the developers would like to acknowledge the following
>     people who have contrubuted suggestions, bug reports, and feeback:
>     * Björn Hörhmann
>     * Peter K. Sheerin
>     As well as the many many good people on www-validator who have
>     contributed of their time and experience to help improve the
>     Validator. Many thanks to you all!
>[0] - Please note that while we've made some advances towards making the
>       MarkUp Validator Accessible, there are still likely to be many issues
>       remaining and they probably will not be dealt with this time around.
>       If you can volunteer any time towards helping us with this, please
>       drop us a note to that effect. When we start the work -- in a future
>       version -- we'll need help with the Accessibility aspects from the
>       early development work and close cooperation with testers and
>       collaborators with Accessibility experience.
>[1] - Please note that the featureset for this release of the MarkUp
>       Validator is largely frozen -- with a few key exceptions -- and
>       any feedback on new features will go into the development effort
>       for the next version (which will happen in paralell with
>       maintenance releases).
>Olivier Thereaux - W3C
>http://www.w3.org/People/olivier | http://yoda.zoy.org

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