[thelist] Weird IIS Error

listman at hazard0us.org listman at hazard0us.org
Wed Oct 23 02:04:01 CDT 2002

>Like I said, it only occurs when I have the file in
>a separate directory. I've tried relative pathnames
>(../shared/schema/leftnav.xsd), absolute pathnames
>(/ilspo/shared/schema/leftnav.xsd), fully-qualified names

This could very well be a security settings issue either in
IE security zone settings or a security setting on IIS .
Makes sense in a way though.
Referring to schemas outside your current path could lead to
quite a few  security issues . For instance :
If you have 2 websites (A & B) that do financial transactions
via an xml instance. Suppose site A sends a xml purchase order
to site B, if the schema location for the xml PO points to
a location on site A, the validations on the order can be
manipulated in a lot of ways by site A even though they are
the ones sending the order...

The ".." syntax that your using for relative paths might not be
working becuase you have not enabled the EnableParentPath
settings in the IIS metabase.

Ashok Hariharan

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