[thelist] NN4.7 CSS woes

Gregory Wostrel gwostrel at mac.com
Wed Oct 23 08:20:01 CDT 2002

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Would I ever have found that? I don't know, thanks a ton. What's with
NN4.7 and line height? I guess that is another one for "@import". That
one really had me stymied. Thank you for taking such a good close work
at what I was doing, you have been a big help.
On Tuesday, October 22, 2002, at 11:32  PM, sasha wrote:

> Your p class is the culprit here.  Once I took out
> "line-height: 17px", Netscape decided to play nice.

On Tuesday, October 22, 2002, at 10:20  PM, Richard McFarland wrote:

> <img src="(EmptyReference!)" alt="" height="32" width="32" border="0"
> />
> I've not seen that before. What is it? BTW, I didn't find this on any
> of the
> other pages in the site.

That is a "placeholder" for an image. It shows up as a big generic
image icon in GoLive's layout environment. That is so that I don't
forget that I need an image to go there. It is sort of a subtle "image
goes here". Thanks for the positive feedback, too. I really appreciate

Now, if I could just figure out why the anchor I have halfway down the
page for "rates"  (
http://www.gwcreative.com/working/weekapaug/accommodations.html )
causes the whole following paragraph to become a link in NN7 Mac, I
would be just about done with the glitches.

Greg Wostrel

gw at gwcreative.com
Communications and the Art of Simplicity

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