[thelist] Handling frames with Flash buttons

Benjer futureweb at macmail.com
Wed Oct 23 08:34:01 CDT 2002

should be a simple solution..

getURL ("KeyCodeDetector.html", bottomFrame);

been a while, without testing may need"":

getURL ("KeyCodeDetector.html", "bottomFrame");


On 23/10/02 2:54 pm, "Syed Zeeshan Haider" <szh at softhome.net> wrote:

> Hello Experts,
> Some days ago, I asked a question about loading a web page in bottom frame by
> clicking a Flash button in top frame. I got only one response (it's not any
> complain). I acted according to the response and assigned following
> ActionScript
> to the Flash button:
> <ActionScript>
> on (release) {
>   getURL ("KeyCodeDetector.html", parent.bottomFrame);
> }
> </ActionScript>
> It loaded the web page in NEW window instead of bottom frame.
> Dreamweaver has a built-in system of creating Flash buttons in web pages. I
> created a Flash button with DW in top frame and chose the name of bottom frame
> in Target field (in Flash Button dialogue box). This button loaded the page
> neither in bottom frame nor in new window.
> Now I have begun to think that may be Flash buttons just cannot handle frames.
> Is my above assumption right or wrong?
> Thank you!
> Syed Zeeshan Haider.
> http://syedzeeshanhaider.faithweb.com/

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