[thelist] How to run different sections of site from different server boxes?

Ben Gustafson cbg3 at earthlink.net
Wed Oct 23 09:29:01 CDT 2002

I am going to be working on a demonstration project for my company using .aspx
pages and a content management system, where the Press Releases section of the
site would be managed with the CMS and served from .aspx pages. The company's
current Web site is running .asp pages on NT4. Since we have a tight deadline
and don't want to deal with the potential headaches of upgrading the present
NT4 machine to Windows 2000 Server just yet, I am planning to run the .aspx
demonstration on a separate box. Both the .asp pages and .aspx pages should be
served from the same domain, like so:

* NT4 box:

* Windows 2000 Server box:

Since I don't know a heck of a lot about networking, I'm not sure what needs
to be done in order to make this setup work. Any pointers as to the
feasibility of this, network configuration, DNS record changes, etc., would be
most appreciated.



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