[thelist] Handling frames with Flash buttons

Koen Depoorter koen at skynet.be
Wed Oct 23 10:07:01 CDT 2002


the FSCommand doesn't work in all browsers (nor on mac).

the workaround that I used/tought to my students is defining a (or
mutliple) javascript functions in the html-page that carries the

then in actionscript ouput on your button:


  You can also add variables in the function


>Hello Experts,
>Some days ago, I asked a question about loading a web page in bottom frame by
>clicking a Flash button in top frame. I got only one response (it's not any
>complain). I acted according to the response and assigned following
>to the Flash button:
>on (release) {
>     getURL ("KeyCodeDetector.html", parent.bottomFrame);

koen depoorter - koen at keytrade.com


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