[thelist] html to pdf

Chuck Gartland chuck at project27.com
Wed Oct 23 10:20:01 CDT 2002

>>Does anyone know a (free) solution that can generate pdf files from
>>html files ?

A free solution is generating the pdf files with PHP on the server. This
is only free in the sense though that the software is free. Developement
time on the pdf service might cost a few hours.

Scarlett Julian (ED) wrote:
> Pardon me asking but why would anyone want to do that ?! Why not just print
> the html documents? Style using a media="print" css and if you feel the need
> to, provide instructions for the user on how to work the print button in
> their browser's toolbar.

I agree, if all you want is a printable version of the html page use
style sheets. Another less professional option is a printable (ie
navigation free) html version.

I use pdf on the web quite a bit still. But it is for portable versions
of print documents that dealers/reps download to have printed for their


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