[thelist] Stowaways

sasha spam at bittersweet2.com
Wed Oct 23 10:47:26 CDT 2002

When I visited the 2nd page the first time, I had
Proxomitron enabled with Opera 6.05 and I saw the
stowaways.  Something with the webpage filters I'm
using was making it visible.  When I turned off my
filters, the stowaways went away.


10/23/2002 11:28:40 AM, Chuck Gartland
<chuck at project27.com> wrote:

>rudy > also netscape 4
>and ie 5.5 as Michele from inThree pointed out to me
this morning
>(thanks Michele). I am suspecting at this point that
the stowaways
>appear on everything except ie6+.
>rudy > probably a server-side browser sniff in the
>there is no server-side anything going on at the
moment on this server.
>unless it is being done in stealth mode by the
clients ISP (Interland).
>Mars :)Perhaps it's the Unicode Byte-Order Mark?
>Mars :)
>Mars :)Is it possible that the text/HTML editor being
used to edit the
>Mars :)pages is accidently saving as Unicode instead
of the declared
>Mars :)ISO-8859-1?
>Both the clean page and the pageswith the stowaways
were edited in
>Komodo. Then for good measure I checked them again in
notepad (the
>dumbest editor I could think of) to make sure there
weren't characters
>being added on my end.
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