[thelist] html to pdf

Geoff Sheridan web2k2 at premonition.co.uk
Wed Oct 23 11:07:00 CDT 2002

>last time I checked, media=print css is not cross-browser

media="print" *is* cross browser - it's a W3C standard. It just
doesn't work in NN4.[1]
Lots of things don't work in NN4 and these days it's more suprising
to find something that *does*!
NN4 users are required to use another application to print a PDF
anyway; why not get them to use a different browser? The CSS solution
is by far the most elegant and will give you plenty of 'control'.

[1] It does work in Mozilla/Gecko based browsers like NN6+, contrary
to the implication of the W3C page above.


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