[thelist] Copyright Infringement

Erik Bennett ebennett at ecasd.k12.wi.us
Wed Oct 23 12:56:01 CDT 2002

>>No matter the outcome, be sure to report it to pirated-sites.com and
>>make your case public.
>>Boneheads like this should be publicly humiliated.

>Well, I disagree. You should first find out whether he knew that
>it was illegal or not. Some people just don't know, if you can believe
>that. They don't know how to make webpages, and they're desperate, and they
>see one they like. To them it's almost a form of homage. So, take small
>steps, because he might not be a bad person.

I applaud that sentiment Maxwell. From the way that this whole thing seems
to have turned out, it was simply a mistake that was made. Nothing
intentional on the site's part. And hopefully it helped one person to learn
to check out what they were using and maybe dig into the code as well.

Rachel, I think that your handling of the situation should be commended as
well. While a reaction like Kimberly suggested may have felt right in the
heat of the moment, imagine what you would feel like now, if you had let
loose on the site's owner with all guns blazing. I know that the first
reaction to seeing a stolen design is one of "How dare they!" and emotions
run high when something you've put heart and soul into seems to have been
stolen on a whim. So thank you Rachel (and also Maxwell), it's nice to see
that civility is still alive and well.

Things such as public humiliation and posting to pirated-sites.com should be
used as a last resort. An ultimate last resort, after all other avenues have
been exhausted. Ninety-nine times out of 100, you'll find that such extreme
measures aren't needed.

</soap box>



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