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Thu Oct 24 00:11:00 CDT 2002

evolt.org headlines for 23-OCT-02

Hi evolters!

We have some fresh content on evolt.org today, contributed by our
members. Learn something new or review the perspective of someone

Site Development: Spam-Proofing Your Website (Author: optimization)

Spam-bots and email harvesters are crawling your site every day -
here's a simple guide to making sure your email addresses are
invisible to these nasty critters.

Visual Design: Separating an object from its background (Author: pegaweb)

Put that Magic Wand away! This tutorial shows how to separate an
image from its background by using Adobe Photoshop's Freeform Pen

Authors really appreciate feedback from their peers; you can leave a
comment and rate articles by logging into the evolt.org web site.

Happy reading!


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