[thelist] website management/creation programs

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Thu Oct 24 12:01:47 CDT 2002


i'd like to stop using frontpage for a few reasons (listed below) and i
would appreciate suggestions of comperable/better editors.

what i don't like:

1. i've heard it can be a security hole
2. it doesn't color code anything but HTML.
3. bossman doesn't want me to use it remotely.

what i do like:

1. it keeps track of links throughout a website and can change them all
if need be.
2. you can open multiple pages and cycle through them by pressing alt-w,
2a. (i think this would be best illustrated with an example.) if i open
three pages at the same time and i press Alt-W, i am presented with a
drop down menu that lists my pages as 1. pageA.htm, 2. pageB.htm, 3.
pageC.htm. if i wanted to go back and forth quickly between page's #1,
and #2 i would carry out the following key sequence.

Alt-W, 2
Alt-W, 2
Alt-W, 2
Alt-W, 2
Alt-W, 2

frontpage puts the active page in the #1 position and shifts every other
page down one place. that means that i can go back and forth between two
pages with only one key sequence. if i wanted to go back and forth #3,
and #1 i would do this...

Alt-W, 3
Alt-W, 2
Alt-W, 2
Alt-W, 2
Alt-W, 2
Alt-W, 2

to make a long story short, i want a program that does this also.

any suggestions? (i know HTML-Kit does this, but i cannot stand the way
the cursor moves. it does not move naturally, IMO. i.e. a tab is a
series of spaces and not really a tab at all. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!)


p.s. i do not need to be able to use this remotely. i would like it to
be cheap, or free. all suggestions are welcome though.

p.p.s. i hand code everything except for complicated tables, it's much
faster to type than to click. (btw, i'm trying to stop this. using
tables that is.)

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