[thelist] Problem with IE6.0.2800 on WindowsXP

David U. davidu at everydns.net
Thu Oct 24 12:29:04 CDT 2002


I have a very odd problem on my desktop machine which is running IE6.0.2800
on WindowsXP.

Frequently I load pages and one image will be broken. If I right click the
"broken image" and do a "show picture" it will display and be fine from then
on.  Frequently the "one" image shows up in many places on a page (like a
spacer image or a framing image) and so there will be tons of red-x's until
I tell one of the images to refresh and whichpoint they will all display the
correct image.  The page is fine on subsequent pageloads.

I am not running any sort of proxy or anything.

This happens on random pages and seemingly random times.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Is it a bug with IE or just my machine? :-)  [sometimes these things happen
with regard to cache's but I've tried clearing mine]


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