[thelist] [HTML] current coding practices

Ben Morrison ben.morrison at dogstardesign.co.uk
Thu Oct 24 13:53:01 CDT 2002

This is our current design for a restaurant website (1st page):


I don't need any comments about bad design/frames etc. as its all out of my
hands - we still work in dark ages of designers doing flats and clients
wanting what they see.

Its just my job to make it work - don't shoot the monkey
(if u want too - http://www.vectorlounge.com/04_amsterdam/jam/flamjam.html)

Now as a newcomer to evolt, i am very interested in all your articles on
accesibilty, 'no javascript links', validation etc.

We design for NN4 and above - which limits us with CSS etc.

So, how could i improve this type of website...

I've left it very basic - will swap all the dreamweaver code for custom
included code (does included code stay in cache - so will be less download).

First attempt at validation any ideas???:

Below are the results of attempting to parse this document with an SGML

*    Line 36, column 47:

  <frameset rows="*,440,*" cols="*,780,*" border="0">

Error: there is no attribute "BORDER" for this element (in this HTML
*    Line 47, column 9:

  <noframes><body>insert our no frames content including links for searc ...

Error: element "NOFRAMES" not allowed here; check which elements this
element may be contained within

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