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shawn allen shawn at alterior.net
Thu Oct 24 15:07:01 CDT 2002

quoth construct:
> So I am looking at a successful porn site- this job may pay around the
> same -- little more - but also might be more interesting- (no I am not
> refering to the porn) It will have more of a range of tasks thta I
> would find interesting combining design and development-- which is
> what I would rather do?
> So you may be assuming my quandary at the moment- leave something
> stable for porn (that probably is stable) any thoughts?  How would
> future employers look at me?

There was a discussion about this on webdesign-l a while ago, and some
good points were brought up. The more liberal folk tended to think that
if future employers would judge their applicants on the moral content
(or lack thereof) of the sites they designed, that they probably weren't
worth working for. As for the conservative list members, well... they
were pretty hard-set in their stance of having nothing to do with "web
sites of ill repute". ;)

In this economic climate, I think it's perfectly acceptable to take a
job doing something you think will be more stable, even a bit more
adventurous. One of my friends recently decided to take some porn work
on the side, and he had a great time. You'll have the chance to work
with more "interesting" technologies like streaming video, and you'll
probably be able to make a pretty penny doing it. Potential moral issues
aside (don't forget, you may have to tell friends and family what you
do, too), it's probably a good bet.

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