[thelist] Job Change Question

Rebecca Milot-Bradford RMilot-Bradford at nsca-lift.org
Thu Oct 24 16:07:01 CDT 2002

>  good points were brought up. The more liberal folk tended to think that
>  if future employers would judge their applicants on the moral content
>  (or lack thereof) of the sites they designed, that they probably weren't
>  worth working for. As for the conservative list members, well... they
>  were pretty hard-set in their stance of having nothing to do with "web
>  sites of ill repute". ;)

If you plan to look for work locally in the future, you'll also want to
consider the conservativeness v. liberalness of your locale. Conservative
Christian groups make up a significant portion of the web employment here,
and I wouldn't want a porn site in my portfolio if I was interviewing with
Focus on the Family. Of course, whether you'd be interested in such a
position is your call to make.


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