[thelist] Job Change Question

Laura Lynch laura at cyberwhirled.com
Thu Oct 24 16:11:01 CDT 2002

At 12:04 PM 10/24/02, you wrote:
>So you may be assuming my quandary at the moment-
>leave something stable for porn (that probably is stable)
>any thoughts?
>How would future employers look at me?

My last real (read: not freelance) job was for a major online 'adult
content' site. Their format was magazine style (and they in fact had a
print mag for a while). So, on my resume, I refer to them both by name,
which doesn't give the content away to anyone not familiar with the site,
and as a 'major online magazine.'  If pressed for details on content, I
refer to it as 'adult.' I've never seen a look of disgust or anything, but
I have no idea how many jobs I've not gotten because of it, if any. It also
may help that my previous job was for a very vanilla tv network. However,
others have brought up a good point about telling people what you do --
remember that even if you just tell Mom the name of the site you're working
for, she'll likely want to go see what you're doing (and show it off to her
friends), so you kinda have to tell her. I found that I wasn't embarrassed
to tell *my* family and friends, but I was a little squeamish about telling
my in-laws. YMMV. Oh, and when you leave your nice stable job, could you
let us know where there's an opening? :)

Laura L Lynch
Design Doyen for Hire
laura at cyberwhirled.com

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