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Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Thu Oct 24 18:02:01 CDT 2002

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> Huh?  My end key seems to work just fine in html-kit
> (I'm using whatever the latest beta version is).  It
> may not be the response you expect from home/end, but
> they go to the beginning/end of the current line.  It
> has nothing to do with tabs, since I only use them in
> my PHP code, not my HTML.

i'm using 1.0 build 290. i think the most recent beta is 292. maybe it's
different in that version, i don't know. but i've found it to be true
that unless there is some sort of visible character (i.e. anything but
tabs and spaces) the end key will not take you to the end of the line.
you have to manually arrow to it.

> The cursor is a little awkward at first, but it only
> puts it in the last spot it was when the document was
> saved/closed.

not only is the cursor awkward, but i'm going to consider it wrong. and
yes that is because i'm not that used to it, but i don't care.

> I've used worse editors...

worse? oh man, you have my condolences(sp?).


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