[thelist] XHTML Valid Jump Menu

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Thu Oct 24 21:07:01 CDT 2002

> but that's *not* a form the way you're using it...
> everyone knows i think forms for navigation are wrong

oh, please, not this old canard

i shall do my duty and present the counterargument once more

a jump menu that uses onchange without a go button is evil, i'll agree, but
with or without a go button, it is still a perfectly good form

by comparison:   there's a form on the home page of google, you enter
something into the text box, push the "go" button, and go to the search
results page for whatever you chose to put in

with a jump menu, there's a drop down select list, you make a choice, push
the "go" button, and go to the page for whatever choice you made

what you're suggesting is that "go" when accompanied by a text box is a
good form, and when accompanied by a select list isn't?


this idea about forms not being used for navigation is a crock

when i use google's form, i want to navigate to a very specific search
results page

when i use a jump menu, i want to navigate to a very specific selected page

same difference


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