[thelist] XHTML Valid Jump Menu

mkelley at mkelley.net mkelley at mkelley.net
Thu Oct 24 22:12:01 CDT 2002

"And then of course there's those pesky search engine spiders that
*just won't push the damn button* -- silly critters.  :-)"

I should really add that the drop menu isn't the primary navigation to the
page. I'm not that brain dead.

If you look at the test page, the drop down menu is the same as pressing
"our locations" on the side menu.  It's being used as a design element and
as a shortcut. The spiders will index those pages, they just won't come
from the drop. And yes eventually the noscript tags will be added, but not
until I sort a couple of other issues out....mainly NS4 rendering (i've
set the drop's div to display:none) and better accessibility. It did
validate through the Section 508 test last week.

It was a hesitation to add that menu, but it was asked that we somehow
list all of our locations on the front page. Our current site does this
and it takes up a lot of valuable room...and clutters the page. I've never
been a big fan of this type of navigation but for this it will serve it's
purpose. It went though user testing with flying colors.


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