Real vs freelance jobs (was Re: [thelist] Job Change Question)

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Fri Oct 25 02:13:10 CDT 2002

	Hi, evolters!

On Thu, 24 Oct 2002, Laura Lynch wrote:
> My last real (read: not freelance) job was for a major online 'adult

	This message has nothing to do with Job Change questions, or
perhaps yes. I've had three types of work: work for employers (what
Laura call 'real'), work for companies (as freelance), and work for

	Well, firstly, I'll say that three works are 'real' for me. But,
in her message, Laura let us know something that exists in the industry:
work for employers is more important that freelance work. Freelance work
is more important that 'work for myself'. (Excuse my bad English, please).

	While one of my best works is a portal for which I wrote all the
code (backend, frontend) and deal with systems and database manage (all
but design), when I talk to employers, they center all their attention in
my 'real' works. I cannot give the importance to this portal. They seems
only interested in real jobs (start, end, company, what to do in that

	How would you focus the job interview to the important works done,
even they don't be real ones?

	Hope you can understand me ;-). Best regards,

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