[thelist] RSS Newbie

Aaron Cole awcole72 at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 25 10:52:01 CDT 2002


Thanks for the response.  To clarify, what I'm trying to understand is what
I need to do in order to display a feed on my website.  I'm hoping it's as
simple as many seem to make it out to be, but so far, I haven't seen any
straight forward instructions.


>I'm not sure what you want here, do you mean you want to read your own
>feed on your site or you want to read other people's feeds? If it's the
>second you need an aggregator such as amphetadesk
>(http://disobey.com/amphetadesk), if it's the first your readers just
>need to know ewhere the file is and have a reader to be able to consume
>it. Also take a look at
>(http://diveintomark.org/archives/2002/05/30.html#rss_autodiscovery) and
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