[thelist] OT: ethics: was Job Change Question

John Corry webshot at members.evolt.org
Fri Oct 25 12:32:01 CDT 2002

> Frankly I do not have a problem with any morals on this.
> I do not mind telling "certain" people -- lie to the rest

This is an almost certain way to have an unhappy, unfulfilling and
unsuccessful life.

<tip type = 'PHP includes'>
At first I was totally baffled by PHP's include path scheme, i would always
try to include files relative to each other. Then I figured it out a little.

Now in my sites, I put my functions library in the site root...out of the
URL path. Each page in my site will include 'header.php' which includes the
function library and prints opening HTML.

The first line of header is something like:
if this server is my development server
	prepend include with this directory
else prepend include with server directory structure
include directory + function library

Now, I have all functions in my library available by setting one variable
once...both on my development server and the live server.

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