[thelist] css units

MarsHall evolt at marsorange.com
Fri Oct 25 15:21:01 CDT 2002

On Friday, October 25, 2002, at 03:03 PM, Timothy J. Luoma wrote:
> MarsHall wrote:
>> em and pt -- these relative units are the most logical and accessible,
> WHOA!  No.  (see below)

Timothy, your counter-points seem to be as subjective as mine.

I develop on a Mac and test on PC's too... various browsers, of course.

I find px and pt to be the most reliable units. I generally use px for
screen styles and pt for printer style sheets.

I do not size text below 10px because of the IE/Windows resizing issue,
and if IE/Windows decides to catch up with the text-zooming bandwagon,
then cheer will be heard throughout the land!

Mars :)

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