[thelist] XHTML Valid Jump Menu

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 25 15:21:32 CDT 2002

> From:"rudy" <3l337 at h4x0r3z.org>
> aardvark, i was prompted to reply by your comment
>    "but that's *not* a form the way you're using it..."
> in the context of the discussion, a chapter and verse dissection of
> valid forms and hyperlink targets, some people might have got the
> wrong impression
> obviously a jump menu is a form
> how to (mis)use it is a different subject

ok, i got you now... you were making a subtly different point than i...

> i like to keep the two concepts separate
> also, i was playing devil's advocate, trying to balance your strident
> position

strident?  how about ravenous?

> and you're such a joy to argue, er, exchange ideas with

aw, you're just saying that...

> i actually have a spare rolodex, if you want it
> you can't buy those things no more

actually, i think you can... they cost nearly as much as one of the
electronic organizers, however...

oh the irony...

btw, i've been thinking about building a site now with "Universal
Navigation" -- no navigation at all, just a search box... that email
exchange got me thinking about it, and how terrible it would be... i
kinda wanna do it...

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