[thelist] Frames Question

Djinn djinn at darkdesigns.org
Fri Oct 25 17:57:00 CDT 2002

I want to create a page with three frame columns because one of the columns
will need to be updated on a regular basis and the other two will remain
fairly static. I know, I could probably do this more elegantly with CSS or
something else, but this is what I know, I'm under a deadline, and I don't
have time to work out all the quirks for the various browsers I want to be
accessible to. In time I hope to convert to CSS as I figure out all the
hacks and and workarounds (and hopefully as older browsers are retired and
newer browsers support CSS better).

The question is this: I would like my page to look like a regular
three-column layout (i.e. without scrollbars for each frame), but I would
like to be able to scroll the entire window. Is there some way to set the
frameset within something that will let the entire thing scroll? I'd like
to avoid scripts if possible. An example page or tutorial would really be

Jean Peterson

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