[thelist] DNS in IIS

Gustavo Arizpe listas at areaestrategica.com
Fri Oct 25 21:14:01 CDT 2002

El Friday, 25 October, 2002, a las 01:08  PM, Chris Blessing escribió:"

> Who is handling the domain name right now? (i.e. where is it registered?)
> Some, if not most, registrars have the ability to manage the DNS for you
> automatically, you just plug in the IP for which you'd like the domain
> name to be associated with.

It's Tucows, they don't allow what you say, i.e. they need a domain name,
not an IP.

I don't know anything about Windows DNS, I setup my Linux domains via
ENSIM control panel, how could she know what's the DNS that should be used
of his domains on his Windows webserver?



>> Hi,
>> I have a customer who has a Windows server that some provider  configured
>> for him so he can serve the domain thelearningpower.com.
>> The IP he has is It can be viewed
>> But we don't know how to determine which DNS should be used for the
>> primary and secondary nameservers in the domain.
>> How con we determine what's the DNS we should use, and if it has been
>> configured properly, given that he has full access to his windows box?
>> Thanks a lot!

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