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Tobyn Baugher toby at rsux.com
Fri Oct 25 21:44:00 CDT 2002

On Fri, Oct 25, 2002 at 01:03:44PM -0500, Gustavo Arizpe wrote:
> The IP he has is It can be viewed
> But we don't know how to determine which DNS should be used for the
> primary and secondary nameservers in the domain.
> How con we determine what's the DNS we should use, and if it has been
> configured properly, given that he has full access to his windows box?

If your provider runs DNS servers you usually just ask your provider
what servers to use and use them. The rest of what I'm going to say
assumes that you have a DNS server running on the box at
and no other nameservers to use.

That IP address you supplied resolves back to
162-39-181-66.ip.us.tachyon.net. You can always specify that as your
domain's DNS server if you don't really care and just want everything to
resolve. Though most registrar forms specify "primary" and "secondary"
DNS servers almost all of them will let you enter only one, and if you
have only one box and one IP there's not much point in specifying more
than one.

The other option is to assign a name, like ns.yourdomain.com, as your
domain's nameserver. This creates a chicken and egg problem that most
registrars will get around by asking for the IP of ns.yourdomain.com.
For this IP you can specify An A record is then setup for
ns.yourdomain.com on the gtld-servers.net servers that points to your
IP. This is the setup most larger providers and people concerned with
vanity in their WHOIS records (like me :P) use.

In any event, if that IP is not static you may want to get some external
nameservers to host your domain's DNS, since changes to TLD records
generally take a while. There are various services out there that can
host DNS for your domain (easydns.com is one) or I could probably help
you out with getting your zone hosted somewhere if you contacted me off

Hope that helps.


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