[thelist] ASP 2 questions

Giles Carey | Element Design gilescarey at supanet.com
Sat Oct 26 00:40:00 CDT 2002

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1. I have a table which I select 3 out of 5 cols from to print out to a page. This is the Artist, Title and Price. I also have set up an edit column which links to the appropriate entry through its id

<a href=edit.asp?id=" & rs(ID) & ">Further Information</CENTER></a></td>"

However, I can only make this work properly by including the ID on the page, otherwise it references to id="some word in the Title".

Any ideas?

2. I have a form submitting 4 entries but they are not all compulsory. How do I allow the user to fill in say only two..otherwise I get an error that I have not supplied enough elements.

Thanks in advance,

giles at elementdesign.biz


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