[thelist] DHTML menu linking problem

unruly mongrel unrulymongrel at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 26 01:36:01 CDT 2002

Hello, geniuses.  I spent a lot of time adapting the HV dropdown menu from
dynamicdrive and created a flawless, beautiful piece of work that worked
even in AOL.  Put it on all the pages of my 300+ page site and then realized
a crucial under/oversight:  the links in the javascript coding are
restricted to a particular folder.  I.e., the links don't adapt depending on
what page in what folder the menu is installed in.  And, to the best of my
knowledge, Dreamweaver (MX, what I'm using), whenever I do a sitewide
"change link", it always seems to skip any links contained in <script> tags.
  The only workaround for this I can think of is to create 3-4 different
versions of this menu, each one designed for a specific file hierarchy level
(i.e: ../, ../../, etc), but the file sizes on these scripts are pretty big,
and I'd rather not have my users download any more coding than is necessary.

Is that pretty much what I'm going to have to do, or has anyone encountered
this problem and come up with a more efficient workaround?  I hope to gawd
I'm making sense.  =)  If this is too newbie, here's my tip:

The classic bruise for Halloween can easily be created with a base of gold
yellow, and then layering on in concentric circles layers of red, blue and
purple.  Great for dotting the neck with, for a truly ghoulish effect.

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