[thelist] IE breaks up background and borders on CSS

Peter Abramowicz pabramow at web.net
Mon Dec 2 13:06:00 CST 2002

Hi Aleem,

> There's another issue though with the halftone image for the background.
> On my mozilla it appeared as an ugly red shade (it should be faded
> yellow). When I resized the browser, at some sizes it seems fine and at
> others it goes to the ugly shade. Does this happen to you as well?
> the url: http://one.com.pk/aleembawany2/

Took  a few days break from computer so I just saw your message.
I just played around with your page and didn't see any difference in shade
or hue on Moz. I noticed that in IE the shade is slightly darker then Moz
but the difference is minimal.
What you see, may be related to your monitor settings rather then browsers,
my monitor is set to 32 bit color.
Just to play save you may want to choose the background color form the 'web
safe' palette.


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