[thelist] Question about creation of homemade DVDs

Morgan, Jon A morga2ja at cmich.edu
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Originally, I was under the impression that it is possible to edit video digitally with a computer, and then save the video onto a CD so that it could be played in a DVD player. Now, I am confused.

I have a computer that is capable of editing video, and a CD burner. I tried to play a VideoCD on our DVD player without any luck. I then realized that while the player is capable of playing home-made music CD's, it is not as capable of playing video that is just burned onto a CDROM by a computer.

What equipment do I lack? Is this just a matter of converting my video files into a format that DVD players can read and then burning a CD? Or, do I need a DVD burner?



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Gina K. Anderson [mailto:gina at sitediva.com] asked:

> Short question, what hardware and software (besides Adobe
> Premeire--i don't need that 'big') do you use for video
> capture, burning to CD/DVD and web presentation?
> I'm talking with a church about a little project--they want
> to put short video clips on their site, and maybe archive on
> DVD or CD. They shoot the video with an analog camcorder.

In the past I have spent, more like the companies I worked for, a lot of
money on Adobe Premier and After Effects to do video projects for
multi-media presentations. The control these products gave us was great and
well worth the expense.

But now I send everything out to a local vendor who is able to accept any
digital format and will output any format I need. On top of that, they offer
other services like archiving (think off site backup), animation, editing,
soundtracks, etc... By going to a vendor I have access to the best equipment
with the most up-to-date software available.

I am also able to rent time on any of their equipment so that I can do it

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