[thelist] Dreamweaver MX "Sharing Violation"

Russ russ at unrealisticexpectations.com
Mon Dec 2 20:43:01 CST 2002

The LOCAL SITE is still on our LAN, not on the WEB; regardless of the
terminology, locally is as stated--locally, not on the internet.

Tomato, toe-mah-toe.  What's the big deal?

I know what you mean and what I meant; I was more concerned with the
local site, not the directory, but thanks for pointing it out to me.

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> : When we say "local site" we mean a site that is saved on a directory
> : locally--as in, the local directory...
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> A "local directory; is one that is located on your "local"
> machine, ie one that is physically located on your machine,
> not one located on another machine somewhere on your local
> area network (LAN).

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