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I've been looking at a program called ClickTracks, which seems to do a
good job of tracking visitors (you can specify which to tag) through the
site. Useful for webmasters etc as it shows the percentage of visitors
who clicked on which link graphically on the actual web page. As they
point out, even a client could get the message about non-functioning
design! There are many other features, including diagrammatic
illustration of who came from where in what numbers. Worth a look, I
would have bought it already but I haven't got a spare US$495 at the
moment (though I did get a lower offer...). Usual disclaimers.


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> (cue guitar) "I got the WebTrends bluuuuuuues!"
> I run a mid-large-sized B2B site for a high-tech
> manufacturing company and we have been using WebTrends and
> Analog for a long time to do our web stats. I need something
> much better. (We're using a pretty old version of WebTrends
> [4.something?] so maybe a newer version of their products would help.)
> I will be most appreciative of suggestions for solutions you
> have used, whether it's for log analysis or a service like
> hitbox. Or maybe you will tell me we just need better
> training on WebTrends and Analog.
> I need a solution that is:
> - Reliable (some of WebTrends' reports are either difficult
> to understand or the numbers are suspicious)
> - Efficient (WebTrends reports grind and grind and download
> log files over and over).
> - Capable: WebTrends does most of what we need, Analog less so.
> - Useable: It feels like wrestling chimpanzees getting what
> we want out of WebTrends.
> - Path analysis on dynamic pages: WebTrends is really lousy
> at following a user through the site and reporting who goes
> where. Especially bad because it won't follow paths through
> dynamic pages (e.g. Cold Fusion pages with paramerters).
> - accurate reports across servers: If a customer visits three
> servers, he's counted as three people.
> - remote access by people in our divisions who can find
> important stats easily and do what-if scenarios: Although
> WebTrends has a web interface, no way I could  let product
> managers have access to its byzantine interface.
> - Money is no object. Well, actually, it is; but for a really
> good solution, I would pay.
> Thanks in advance!
> - Moe Rubenzahl
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