[thelist] Percentage of users who turn off javascript

Philip Warbasse (info) info at warbassedesign.com
Tue Dec 3 11:34:01 CST 2002

Hi Chris,

A very well thought out answer and I think you are probably correct.  I
appreciate your time!  I was thinking that maybe there was some sort of
index on the web that gave general user trend information and that it might
contain the js on/off percentage I was looking for.

Currently, I do have pretty good web tracking software, but how would I know
whether someone's js is turned off?  I suppose, I could create a redirect
page and if that page gets hit then I would know that user's js is off.

You asked - p.s. why do you insist on doing this scroll thing that you
mentioned in the other thread?   That's funny...I know, but the reason is
simple:  It's a fortune 5 company and they have treated me pretty well.
They requested it in the original flow and so I must pull it off.  Basically
I will do anything short of breaking the 10 commandments to help them and I
knew evolt would be a great place to start :)  Thanks again for your
interest and feedback.

Phil Warbasse
Warbasse Design

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> > Based on my last post (scrollbars to activate button) what is
> > the percentage of users who turn off Javascript?  I would be
> > interested to know.
> you may not like this answer, but the truth is, this questions and
> questions like this (how many users do this?) cannot be accurately
> answered.
> this topic gets discussed all the time, while the answer is always, "the
> best stats are your stats." in other words, you must know your audience.
> here on thelist the percentage of people who knowingly turn off
> javascript (as opposed to those who have browsers that do not support
> javascript) might be a lot higher than the general population.
> but let's do an experiment. if 0.5% of the general population of
> internet users have javascript turned off, you could say that this
> number is low enough that you can have a javascript enabled website and
> not infringe on that many surfers. but what makes up a percentage? an
> average? of course you say! but if one website (like evolt) has a high
> amount of javascriptless users, while another website has a zero rate
> for javascriptless users, the average of these two websites would
> disproportionately skew your results.
> the best thing to do is get a hold of old logs and see if those hold any
> good information on your users surfing preferences. if that is not
> possible, start recording what your users preferences are. then make
> your decision based on the traffic you get.
> i hope this has been helpful.
> having said all that, i would say the number of non-javascript users is
> low. but exactly how low i'm not sure.
> chris.
> p.s. why do you insist on doing this scroll thing that you mentioned in
> the other thread?
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