[thelist] Percentage of users who turn off javascript

Chris W. Parker cparker at swatgear.com
Tue Dec 3 11:45:01 CST 2002

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> A very well thought out answer and I think you are probably
> correct.

good. i tend to make long, confusing emails that get nowhere. (i'm not
being sarcastic.) i'm glad i pulled this one off.

> appreciate your time!  I was thinking that maybe there was
> some sort of
> index on the web that gave general user trend information and
> that it might
> contain the js on/off percentage I was looking for.

there is, but i cannot remember the address. someone on the list knows.
try to search archives on evolts website for this and you'll probably
find it.

> Currently, I do have pretty good web tracking software, but
> how would I know
> whether someone's js is turned off?  I suppose, I could
> create a redirect
> page and if that page gets hit then I would know that user's
> js is off.

i don't believe this can be done using the regular logs that webservers
create. (at least, this is true for iis.) i know there are third-party
programs that can do this, i.e. browserhawk, but you may not want to buy
a new program just to get this stat. (browserhawk looks like a good
program altogether though.) take a look at http://www.browserhawk.com/

> simple:  It's a fortune 5 company and they have treated me
> pretty well.
> They requested it in the original flow and so I must pull it
> off.  Basically

that works for me. but at the same time would the company not appreciate
your expert advice? if their website turns out to have a lot of
non-javascript users for whatever reason, it would be a good idea (as
far as i'm concerned) to recommend they not shut out all those users
because they want this "feature". but i can also understand that they
probably wouldn't care, so i'm sure you'll use your best judgement.
whatever that may be.

good luck on the site.


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