[thelist] ASP & the Find Method

Feingold Josh S Josh.S.Feingold at irs.gov
Tue Dec 3 13:51:01 CST 2002

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> I am building an ASP page that I want to open a Db and find a record >
matching a
> field from a form on a previous ASP page. the problem I am running
> into is that
> I keep receiving an error for "Rowset does not support scrolling
> backward. "

While I am not familiar with the find property, I would try setting my
cursortype variable before you open the recordset.

Try adding this code:
oRSc.Cursortype = 2

Its been a few months since I have been doing any heavy ASP development, so
do a Google search for more information.

In truth though, you should be able to "find" your record by simply doing a
more specific SQL query.


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