[thelist] ASP & the Find Method

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Tue Dec 3 13:58:01 CST 2002

> "Rowset does not support scrolling backward. "

sorry, can't help with that problem, but i have a suggestion

it looks like you are bring back the entire table with your query, and then
trying to find the row with a First_Name field equal to the form field

my recommendation is to let the database do the search, and instead of
returning the entire result set, return just the row you're interested in

here's your query with the appropriate WHERE clause added --

   SELECT CallLog_Table.First_Name
        , CallLog_Table.Last_Name
        , CallLog_Table.Building
        , CallLog_Table.Room_Number
        , CallLog_Table.Date
        , CallLog_Table.Time
        , Log_Table.[Last Name]
        , Log_Table.[Completed_(Y/N)]
        , Log_Table.Completed_By
        , Log_Table.Problem
        , Log_Table.Resolution
     FROM CallLog_Table
     JOIN Log_Table
       ON CallLog_Table.Last_Name = Log_Table.[Last Name]
    WHERE Log_Table.[First_Name] = 'varFName'

note that everything up and including the single quote in front of varFName
is a string

then you concatenate the value of varFName, and then concatenate the closing
single quote

holler if that didn't make sense


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