[thelist] Web Project Management

Mark Lee leemark at isu.edu
Tue Dec 3 17:17:01 CST 2002


    I am currently looking for a system (preferably web-based) to help
with tracking project progress, timelines, deliverables, individual
tasks, time tracking, etc, etc, you probably get the idea.  It would be
used mainly for web development projects, with anywhere from 1 to ~5
people involved in an individual project, no more than 5-10 projects
simultaneously (I hope).
    Of the few off-the-shelf solutions I have seen so far, none have
seemed like a really good idea - from Microsoft Sharepoint Team Services
(comes bundled with Frontpage, blecht!) to Macromedia Sitespring (seems
really close to what we are looking for, but Macromedia is killing it
off as a product).

    Anybody out there currently use a similar product with positive results?
    Should I just develop my own (php/mySQL I'm thinking)?
    Should I just forget about it and write everything down on Post-Its?

Thanks in advance for any input.


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