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Iva Koberg iva at livestoryboard.com
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We used Double Choco Latte http://dcl.sourceforge.net/features.php and
apart from a couple of small bugs (the software was in beta at the time)
were quite happy with it. It's a good solution for small projects, is
web based, free. DCL works great for smaller and somewhat organized
teams, it is not bloated with functionality like MS Project and takes
less work to keep up to date. Of course how useful it may be for you
depends on your specific needs and existing process. Don't "forget about
it" :) -- I'm sure there are plenty of suitable systems for you - I
would advise that you stay on the side of simplicity and don't go with
something that is a full time job to maintain in itself.


Iva Koberg

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    I am currently looking for a system (preferably web-based) to help
with tracking project progress, timelines, deliverables, individual
tasks, time tracking, etc, etc, you probably get the idea.  It would be
used mainly for web development projects, with anywhere from 1 to ~5
people involved in an individual project, no more than 5-10 projects
simultaneously (I hope).
    Of the few off-the-shelf solutions I have seen so far, none have
seemed like a really good idea - from Microsoft Sharepoint Team Services
(comes bundled with Frontpage, blecht!) to Macromedia Sitespring (seems
really close to what we are looking for, but Macromedia is killing it
off as a product).

    Anybody out there currently use a similar product with positive
    Should I just develop my own (php/mySQL I'm thinking)?
    Should I just forget about it and write everything down on Post-Its?

Thanks in advance for any input.


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