[thelist] dynamically placed divs

Roger Newbrook roger.newbrook at scientiasolutions.com
Wed Dec 4 08:17:01 CST 2002

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hello all,

I am currently putting together a homepage for an online application which
has a long list of elements down the left hand side. then these are hovered
over they display explanatory text in a div to the right of the list.

what i would ideally like to do, is to have the explanatory divs dynamically
placed relative to the browser window, not the page. I have spent quite a
while trawling round the web before asking this, think part of the problem
is not knowing what exactly to search for (floating divs/dynamically placed
divs bring up stuff that is not what i expect :(  ) anyone have any pointers
for me please. or have i just confused everyone by not explaining what i
want properly !!

let me know either way, i'd be v grateful


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