[thelist] maximum page load for users leave?

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Wed Dec 4 23:37:01 CST 2002

At 10:10 PM -0500 12/4/02, aardvark wrote:
>  > >by the way, i don't buy the "under 10 seconds" argument

I sit on cable and I can show you hundreds of sites that do not load
in anything near 30 seconds and people sit and wait according to hit
counts and web logs. I do not cruise the web if I am on the web I am
going someplace specific and the links people send with "this is
neat" are almost always sluggish.

>  > >not everybody's on cable, and people who aren't have more patience

Cable rarely speeds up a web server response time.  When a page is
loading at 2k a second I can get that with my modem which by the way
still sets next to my computer for testing purposes.

>  > That's true, but so is the converse, (A)DSL, cable, etc has made users
>>  even hungrier and less patient. A sites problem _could_ be impatient
>>  cable users who are looking for a broadband fix promised by the
>>  telecom adverts that the Internet just can't deliver to regular users

Try Howstuffworks.com  That page loads decent on cable and they are
trying to sell subscriptions to a faster loading site which by the
way only has about 50K less graphic and add content.

>and this is why friends refuse to surf on my 56k line... even the odd
>4sec page makes them all grumpypants...

That is one way of keeping them off your computer.

>i've seen that effect a lot when testing...

When I worked for an ISP the web designers had to switch their
connection type on the fly and test the pages with, at the time 33.6
modems. (Macs and SGIs)  If they did not dial in, they could not sign
off on the work.  We could check the dialin servers logs to verify
that they did dial in.  Worth the hassle? Sure is in my book, for a
business sight is about business not personal tricks.
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