[thelist] combining multiple fields in db

Liam Delahunty ldelahunty at britstream.com
Thu Dec 5 08:05:01 CST 2002

Les Lytollis wrote:

>I need to produce a comma delimited text file in the format Artist,
>Description, Price. My existing db is in the format Artist, Title, Format,
>Grade, Comments, Cat No., Price.

You could have a problem with the text fields, if commas are in there then
they could cause the data to mess about. You may want to replace them with
another character...

$query = "SELECT * FROM table_name WHERE ...WHATEVER...";
if ($result = mysql_query($query,$connection)){
	while ($myrow = mysql_fetch_row($result))	{
		$artist = stripslashes($myrow[0]);
		$title = stripslashes($myrow[1);
		$format = stripslashes($myrow[2);
		$grade = stripslashes($myrow[3);
		$comments = stripslashes($myrow[4);
		$cat_no = stripslashes($myrow[5);
		$price = stripslashes($myrow[6);

		$csv_array[] = "$artist, $title $format $grade $comments $cat_no, $price";

then do whatever you want to do with the csv_array. Such as sort it and
output the file.

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