[thelist] Resubmit: Modal Window Size on IE 5.2 for Mac

Scott Brady evolt at scottbrady.net
Thu Dec 5 11:09:01 CST 2002

I submitted this yesterday and haven't seen any response.  I know some times posts get missed in the traffic, so I thought I'd try again.  If no one responds again, I'll just assume no one's heard of this quirk.


We're developing an Intranet/Extranet application that was supposed to be only for IE 5.5 on Windows, so there's a lot of usage of the OpenModalDialog() function.

However, now there is one section of the application that needs to work on IE 5.2 for the Mac (and also Netscape 6, but we have a workaround for that).  There seems to be a quirk with the Modal Dialog's on the Mac regarding the size.

If we see either the height or width to be 201 pixels or greater, then the window looks about the right size.  However, if we set the size to be anything less, the window is much larger than it's supposed to be (something like 600 pixels).

We haven't been able to find any documentation about a minimum size limitation for modal windows on IE 5.2, so I was wondering if anyone on thelist has heard of this quirk.

Here's the code we use to open the dialog:
showModalDialog('/alertuser.cfm', theWindow, 'dialogHeight:200px;dialogWidth:200px; center:yes; scroll:no; status:no; resizable:no; help:no;');


Scott Brady

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