[thelist] UPDATE Re: batch JPG -> PSD?

Joel Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Thu Dec 5 13:23:02 CST 2002

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> Yeah, I think this was the problem last night and earlier
> this AM. So I did persevere long enough to get the action to
> work on the contents of a directory. Yay! However...

Glad to hear it.

> New problem: while there's a checkbox on the Automate->Batch
> dialog to include subfolders, I can't see how to have the PSD
> files *saved* in their corresponding subdirectories -- they
> all wind up together in the *one* directory you're forced to
> specify ...

You can choose to overwrite the originals, or you can drop them into the
original folder, with the name incremented so as *not* to overwrite the


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