[thelist] NS 7.0 ScreenSize Bug

Sam Carter sam at nativeintelligence.com
Thu Dec 5 14:01:00 CST 2002

Thanks for the feedback.  I deleted the IF altogether.  I should've
noticed it.

Here's another problem:
AvailHeight and AvailWidth seem to work fine, but they return downsized
window sizes.

I'd like the full width / height returned, but I have trouble getting
values from

>     document.LoginForm.strResWidth.value = window.screen.Width;
>     document.LoginForm.strResHeight.value  = window.screen.Height;

Which *I thought* returned the display values, not the window size

Do I have the syntax wrong?


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>The script to capture screen resolution is the last two lines inserted
>in the setfocus procedure.  Values are saved in hidden input fields and
>PUT to the server with the form is submitted.
><script language="JavaScript">
>function setfocus (input) {
>   input.focus();
>   if (input.createTextRange) {
>     var range = input.createTextRange();
>     range.collapse(true);
>  range.expand("textedit");
>     range.select();
>     document.LoginForm.strResWidth.value = window.screen.availWidth;
>     document.LoginForm.strResHeight.value  =
>   }
>It's worked fine in every browser I tested, except Netscape 7.0.  It
>seems no values are stored for strResWidth or Height.

Mozilla doesn't support createTextRange. I assume you only tested the
in various versions of Explorer.

Move the writing of the availHeight outside the if
and it should work.

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